Deepbusters Team

Deepbusters Diving Center is a place for all enthusiasts of underwater depths. Would you like to start your diving adventure? Or maybe you are already an experienced diver? Whether you are just beginning your adventure or want to further develop your passion and skills – our Center is created just for you.

We provide a comprehensive selection of diving courses at every level of expertise. We offer basic training for beginners as well as highly specialized courses for experienced divers and instructors.

All courses and training are conducted in accordance with the standards of leading global organizations. With us, you will obtain qualifications and certificates recognized worldwide!


We offer sales of professional diving equipment from leading brands. Our experts will advise you on the purchase of each diving equipment item: from masks to dry suits to regulators. More information can be found here.

At our Center, you can service your diving equipment: buoyancy compensators, drysuits, and regulators from brands such as TECLINE and APEKS. We are also a certified service center for the DIVESOFT.

Deepbusters Team

Tomek Ramutkowski

The owner and founder of Deepbusters Diving Center, but above all, an international diving instructor since 2011, training divers and instructors at all levels in several organizations.

He has always been intrigued by the underwater world, although it was the Baltic wrecks that truly ignited his desire to explore mysterious depths. Currently, with several thousand dives to his credit in various locations around the world, he knows that quality, not quantity, is crucial for him. Therefore, he approaches the training of his students with full professionalism and perfection.

As they say about him: “Tomek doesn’t take prisoners. There are no shortcuts with him. His training goes beyond organization programs and is often accompanied by hard work, sweat, and even tears. Thanks to him, you will overcome your weaknesses and acquire skills at the highest diving level. The quality of an instructor is always evidenced by his students – and Tomek’s students are a class of their own.”

In his free time from training, he loves to explore flooded caves and wrecks, capturing their beauty in underwater photographs.

Although the underwater environment is the main source of emotions and adventures for Tomek, he feels the need to share it with others, which resulted in the establishment of Deepbusters Diving Center and also the 4baltic Association.

Andżelika Więcek

The woman of all trades and our reliable surface support.

For several years, she has specialized in marketing and real estate. Banners, social media, graphics, and home staging – these are things that define her. In her spare time, she loves to sew, weave macramé, and nurture the warmth of a home hearth.

She began her diving adventure in 2019 by participating in her first Open Water Diver course. She like diving in the warm depths of the Red Sea 🙂. You won’t often find her diving in the cold Polish waters.

She loves to travel, constantly discovering new places. A fan of Italian lifestyle, French wine, and chocolate.

She is the co-owner of Deepbusters Diving Center and co-founder of the 4baltic Association.

Olaf Dzienis

He began his diving adventure when he was 13 years old in Our Diving Center and also developed his diving skills here. You will most often find him in the role of a Divemaster, diving in sidemount configuration and assisting us in many diving events.

Since childhood, he has been curious about “what lies on the other side of the water’s mirror.” He couldn’t pass by any body of water indifferently.

Introduced by his parents to his first Open Water Diver course, he immediately caught the “diving bug.” He fell in love with the weightlessness and freedom that water gives him. Together with his dad, who is his diving partner, he participates in diving trips in Poland and beyond its borders. He never stops honing his skills. You may believe it or not, but at the age of 18, many of us would like to boast such skills and a diving path 🙂 His connection with water extends to other activities – he is a motorboat helmsman and a water rescuer.

About diving, he says: “I would like to continue developing my diving skills and infect others with my passion. I believe that exploring the secrets of the underwater world is fantastic, and divers are one of the best communities I have ever encountered.

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